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Raid Loot Rules

Raid loot for guild raids will be done by a need/greed roll system with a system for tracking winning rolls and raid attendance.

Main set upgrades will always be rolled as need.
Main set will generally be based on the role you perform that night for the raid.
However, for people with multiple roles used in that raid, one will be selected as main set at the beginning of the raid.
Offset items will always be rolled for as greed.

Highest roll (1-100) among the raiders with the lowest equal tracking number will win any given roll with need having priority over greed.
For example if 3 raiders all are eligible to roll need on an item, 2 having a tracking number of 1 and the last with a tracking number of 2, only the rolls from the first two would count.
The highest roll between the two with a tracking number of 1 would win the item.
The winner of any need roll (but not greed) will have 1 added to their tracking number immediately.

Anyone joining a raid with us for the first time will begin with a tracking number of 2 whether they are guild members or fill-ins from outside guild.
Any raider who is on time, prepared, and available for the entire duration of the raid that night will have their tracking number reduced by 1 at the end of the raid week.
The lowest that the tracking number can be reduced to is 1.

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