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Raid Rules

Raid Rules
Raid Rules are as follows:
You will be online 15 mins before raid, with your gear enchanted and gemmed with flasks, potions, and buff food to last for the entire night.
The first pull will be made at 5:30 server time with or with out you. If you are not on we will replace you with someone else who is online.
You must sign up on the in game calendar as accepted tentative or declined. If you do not set a status you will have 1 added to your total loot score and be moved to low priority for invites.
If you die to avoidable damage and that death contributes to the failure of a boss encounter, you will have one point added to your total loot score.
If you get more than 20 points added in a raid lock out you will sit for the following week.
If you can not make a night you accepted for please let an officer know as far in advance as you can.
If you rage log you will be ejected from raid for the week.
Raid leader will have final say during raid. If you have a problem with it take it to Ghutz AFTER raid. If you do not get your way, too bad.
If there is a wipe and no mass res is up YOU WILL RUN YOUR ASS BACK.
-- To raid You must have Deadly Boss Mods and GTFO Addons. Also Skada over Recount gives better data if we all use it since it goes off of everyone in raid. Weak Auras 2 is a great addon that you can set up to show you well in advance when bad is coming so get it.

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